This Day Time Set consists of:


Vitamin B3 & Turmeric Face Wash 4oz

Infused with a healthy dose of Niacinamide to speed up dark spot challenges. Niacinamide also known as Vitamin B3  promotes healthy skin by creating a new ceramide (lipid barrier). It also helps with the bumps caused by pimple break-outs. Turmeric helps fight dark spots as well and Licorice root.


Hydrating Rosewater Toner 4oz

Excellent for most skin types including sensitive skin.  

Toners help to balance skin, remove cleansing residue as well as prep skin for serums, moisturizers and then your makeup. 


Vitamin C Anti Aging Moisturizer w/ Pomegranate Oil 1oz

Pomegranate Oil - Is a Powerful antioxidant, and assists in the formation of collagen production, it inhibits free radicals to protect against oxidation and against aging. It also helps rebuild outer skin layers. Cranberry neutralizes bacteria and encourages the health of skin.


Vitamin C also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation, brown spots and even out skin tone while enhancing skin radiance.


All thats needed for Vibrant, Glowing, smooth & Hydrated skin at daytime.

Day Time Set

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